Following an extensive academic career, Dr David Heath qualified as a medical devices researcher with degrees in physics and engineering, working in a multidisciplinary clinical, commercial and engineering team.

Throughout my PhD and post-doctoral research, I focussed on transdermal drug delivery and non invasive patient monitoring. But it was whilst presenting at a skincare conference that I had my “light bulb moment”, realising that the expertise I had developed working on transdermal medical technologies could be reapplied to solve some of the major challenges of the global skincare industry.

Dr David Heath, Founder & CEO of Cutitronics

On his early search for a business mentor David met Barry Hochfield through Strathclyde University’s Enterprise Partnership programme.

With a career that includes over thirty years in consumer electronics including working alongside Steve Jobs at Apple in CA as well as founding Apple’s first offshore Research & Development unit in Paris, founding the smartcard company Ecebs in 2000, before floating it on the London Stock Exchange in 2005 and selling it to in 2007. Barry’s expertise and experience was invaluable in guiding Cutitronics on its early development journey.

Also through Strathclyde they met Craig Rattray, a CA who has extensive experience in Private Equity, Venture Capital and Corporate Finance who had been introduced through Strathclyde University. Having worked with a number of early stage companies his input was pivotal and led to becoming CFO at Cutitronics.

The company was spun out of the University of Strathclyde and through support from prize winnings and an early stage technology grant through Scottish Enterprise, early prototypes were developed and tested for the cosmetic skincare sector.  It was the development and innovative application of this technology that earned Dr Heath the ERA Foundation’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2014, supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng).  David was invited to join the RAEng Enterprise Programme and Enterprise Hub, this connection was not just beneficial at the time, but proved to be invaluable in the near future.  The next stage of commercialisation required a deeper level of industry insight and market access.

It was at this time Wilma McDaniel came on to Dr Heath’s radar when he was invited to attend a programme Wilma was delivering on market development and Internationalisation through a local government initiative.

Wilma has over twenty years International commercial experience in the global beauty and personal care industry with a particular passion for skincare and wellness, – having worked with renowned beauty brands such as Estee Lauder, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana – and having also founded her own business growth consultancy, as a team they have never looked back.

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Shortly after joining together Cutitronics submitted their business proposition to the Scottish Edge Awards and received an award as a ‘wildcard’ entry.

They then returned as part of the main competition six months later and duly won. Winning this supported Wilma to fly to New York to pitch to huge industry players in iconic locations around the city.

Presenting one of the early prototypes, which uses the patented suite of Cutitron technologies to measure skin health and dispense the exact amount of product needed by the individual at that exact moment, on Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue.

David and Wilma then retuned to NYC a month later to attend a week long course on funding their fledgling business on Wall Street. An amazing experience the pair will never forget. Upon their return they immediately set to work on finding an investor who shared their vision and values.

On this journey, through an introduction made by The Royal Academy of Engineering, Cutitronics came to the attention of Croda PLC, a FTSE 100 global producer of high performing, speciality chemicals and ingredients for some of the biggest, most successful brands in the personal care sector in the world.

That interest quickly developed to significant investment and has created a unique synergy that both organisations could benefit from through their strategic partnership.

Today Cutitronics has built a multi disciplinary team of experts in all types of product engineering and software backgrounds, along with a support team of marketers and brand management professionals who are leading the field in innovation within the skincare technology market creating interest from major global brands.